2014 Fall Winter Runway Fashion Trends

I spent about an hour today looking at the contents of my Pinterest boards. I’m especially enjoying the Photography board, Hair and Make-up Board, and Favorite Places and Spaces board. I always find pleasure enjoying the awesome works of others.

The Favorite Places and Spaces board has beautiful pictures of the places I have lived, visited, and places I find myself happy. One of the pics is backstage during a runway fashion show. After all these years I still find it exciting and energizing—it is still one of my happy places. There is really nothing like it.

It is from these very familiar stomping grounds that I am gathering for you inspiration for 2014 fall and winter trends. With all the new merchandise about to flood the stores, I am sending you out shopping armed with the most current styling techniques and well prepared to find what works for you.

2014 Fall/Winter Trends

Let’s jump right into an easy grouping for all those who love a little comfort. You will be happy to hear sporty pants and comfortable shoes are all that you hoped they could be. Soft, flattering, loose-fitting materials for the pants, and variations from bright white to vibrantly colored sneakers and hightops will get you of on those fall walks in comfortable style.

Next we take it up a notch to a more work appropriate/Friday night out with friends look. You will be happy you kept those blazers ladies as we will see an uptick in menswear inspired feminine suits, and a definite nod to more tailored looks. Find a good seamstress or tailor to take good care of you and get those clothes fitting right in all the right places.

For colors and prints you will see that the power of red still holds true, as well as all shades of green—kelly green, lime green, forest green—we are loving green. Animal prints are still around for another season, even larger and bolder than before. A new take on nature inspired fabric prints can be seen in the way of landscape photo prints. You will also love the beautiful butterfly and pretty florals. And a nod to my sister, I am happy to report that sparkles are in and giving glamour back to our evenings out.

Those long maxi skirts are getting hiked up, and the mini skirt and dress is everywhere. This is the time to break out those boots and booties, which will look fabulous. Want to take it up another notch yet? Layering your mini skirt or dress over shorts or pants will put you in cutting edge Fall 2014 style.

I hope you have enjoyed this season’s summer and feel prepared to make the most of all these fun and fabulous fashions.