2015’s Best Travel Gadgets

photos courtesy of tp-link, zagg, satechi, and brunton outdoor

1. TP-LINK Router

Hotel wireless networks are convenient but often slow due to high demand. Plugging your hotel’s Ethernet cable into the TP-LINK Wireless 3G/4G Portable Battery Powered Router ($40) lets you create your own corner of the network. And with the flip of a switch, you can create your own wireless network on the road. The pocket-size router can be used with up to five gadgets at once—so crafting a virtual office or giving the whole family a chance to catch up on email is easy. • tp-link.us

2. ZAGG Pocket

Clumsy thumbs and hyper-sensitive touchscreens mean that using a smartphone for more than pulling up a few websites can be frustrating. The ZAGG Pocket ($70) is a foldable wireless keyboard that expands to almost full size, making it easy to surf the web or type notes and emails—perfect for meetings and airport delays. • zagg.com

3. Satechi Portable Humidifier

There’s no faster way to derail a vacation than getting sick—fortunately, the Satechi Portable Humidifier ($30) can help keep the sniffles at bay. Small enough to fit in any carry-on, the palm-size device fits into most disposable water bottles and plugs into a USB port to add moisture to any hotel room or car, helping relieve cold symptoms and congested sinuses.  • satechi.net

4. Brunton HeatSync Vital

Nothing ruins a camping trip or hiking expedition more quickly than an unexpected cold front. Strapping on the Brunton HeatSync Vital ($75) is a quick way to combat the chill—the one-size-fits-all adjustable vest holds a temperature of 113°F for more than four hours to warm up torsos and keep core temperatures high. Weighing in at just over a half pound, the vest is easy to wear or carry in case of emergencies, so slip it on between a shirt and jacket to stay toasty warm at the press of a button. • brunton.com

photos courtesy of gotenna, ampl labs, and cobra electronics

5. GoTenna

Going off the grid? Keep communication an option with GoTenna ($149 for two), a wireless device that syncs with your smartphone to create your own network—allowing you to send messages and share geographic locations with other GoTenna users via long-range radio waves. With an average range of one to six miles (and up to 50 as elevation increases), this device is ideal for hiking, skiing, or traveling in groups where cell reception is spotty. • gotenna.com

6. AMPL SmartBackpack

Digging through a tangle of electronic chargers in a disorganized bag can be a hassle. The modular design of the Ampl SmartBag ($299) lets carriers charge up to seven devices via USB outlets in specially designed pockets, without worrying about electronics bouncing around and wires working themselves into knots. The sleek bag is built for travelers: Easy to lay flat, it’s TSA-checkpoint friendly, has a water-resistant coating, and has lightweight padding to protect devices. • ampl-labs.com

7. Cobra JumPack

Forget toting around bulky jumper cables. The Cobra JumPack ($130) not only has enough juice to charge your phone or tablet on the go, it’s got the power to jump-start most vehicles, from cars to motorcycles—multiple times. It’s the ultimate emergency must-have, also boasting a built-in flashlight. And all in a duffel-friendly power pack the size of a smartphone. • cobra.com