3 Beauty Apps to Keep in Your Back Pocket

The various topics of my blog posts are often inspired by conversations I have had over the week. This week鈥檚 post is one of them. In three separate conversations, different questions about the health of the ingredients in beauty products, where to go to get beauty inspiration, and where to get good product reviews came up, and how confusing it was to weed through all the information out there about these topics.

Well, I have done my research and then some over the years and thought this is a great opportunity to share 3 beauty apps to keep in your back pocket to give you education, inspiration, ingredient facts, and let you shop and play around to have fun with your own personal look.

Think Dirty App

No, it is not thaaat kind of app! It is an app that takes all the mystery and confusion about the ingredients in our beauty products. Endorsed by Fast Company , lululemon, Yahoo and many more, this free app developed by the daughter of a breast cancer survivor was launched in 2013 and has a database of more than 68,300 different beauty products. It uses search and bar code scanning to tell you about the health of your beauty products, and uses a toxicity rating of 1-10 to rate the products with one being the least toxic.

Beauty Stylish

Seriously, this is a fabulous resource. Once you have it on your device you will wonder what you did without it. They do a great summery right on their home page:

App Features:

路 Get inspiration for new makeup looks and hairstyles
路 Find ratings and reviews on thousands of beauty products
路 Discover the latest beauty tips, tricks and trends
路 Learn how to create a look with step-by-step video tutorials
路 Post questions to a community of makeup and beauty experts鈥

Pretty in My Pocket

The developers of this app aim to make every beauty purchase a success no matter if you are at the drugstore or luxury brand counter. It gives you the ability to customize a profile, receive coupons and promotions specifically geared for you, and access to their Power Primpers and Make-up Mavens for beauty advice. You can also look to other Primpers using the app for ratings and favorites if you are interested in trying something new but want some references from users like you first!

Whether you are interested in the health of your beauty ingredients, looking for inspiration for a new look, or shop to your heart鈥檚 content with the help of users like you these three apps will become invaluable resources for making sure your beauty experience is all you want it to be.