3 Questions with LeeAnne Montgomery

The Pavay Organics founder dishes on her inspiration and staying pretty through the blustery winds.

Minnesota is a bit of a hotbed for the cosmetic industry.  I’m sure most of you have heard of Aveda, or Trade Secret, or Regis Salons, but there’s another name you should know: Pavay Organics. Cofounded by LeeAnne Montgomery and Dan Ventrelli, Pavay is developed, manufactured, and packaged right here in Minnesota—so you know it’s going to be good.

I had the opportunity to try their products and then do a written interview with LeeAnne. Check out what she has to say; this product line is definitely something special!

It’s so exciting to have on the market such high-quality and safe products as yours. Even moreso that Pavay Organics is made and manufactured right here in Minnesota. Can you please share your inspiration for your product line? 
Having been in the skincare industry for 28 years, I have used many different product lines. I realized that while I like working with purely organic products, they don’t always give the results I want. Because of this, I decided to create a skincare line, Pavay Organics, that takes the best of what natures has to offer and makes it even better by combining nature and science, giving the most effective results possible.   

One of the first things I noticed about your products, along with how well they work, was the scents; your beauty bar is amazing. All very light and fresh. Can you tell us how that plays a role in your products?
When creating the Pavay Organics product line, we wanted the scent to stay as natural and true to the ingredients as possible. My co-founder, Dan, and I believe that less is more when dealing with scents, and that light, fresh scents have a more universal appeal. In order to achieve this, we utilize theorganic oils naturally found in the ingredients to create the scent.

With the weather changing and the air getting drier, can you please highlight a few products you really like to use to keep skin and hair hydrated and healthy?
We recommend our Pavay Organics Quench Day and Night cream. These moisturizers will deeply hydrate your skin without leaving that oily feel. Our hydrating gel mask is another great winter skincare product because it gives skin that extra dose of hydration, delivering an added glow. Lastly, I recommend using our retinol eye cream year round to create a more youthful appearance.