3 Simple Oscar Party-Worthy Hairstyles Anyone Can Do

As you get to know me, you will see I get really excited to share special finds. This week, I am jumping right in. Meet Natalia Watts, a 17 year advanced designer at Cole’s Salon in Burnsville, and two-year Oribe Ambassador. She is an unforgettably fun and sassy number who really understands how to bring out the best in your hair.

When I called Natalia about wanting to write about her, I had a challenge in mind—design three Oscar party-worthy looks anyone can do. ‘Tis the red carpet season, and with the grande dame of them all in the near future, how fun would it be to pass on some flattering easy go-to styles?!

Natalia rose to the challenge, and right on trend, she took inspiration from the tosseled curls, and loose unkempt buns and ponies ala Taylor Swift, Julia Louis Dryfus, Vanessa Hudgens, and Mindy Kaling

Look #1—Loose curls

Loose waves

1. First, spray the hair roots to ends with a dry shampoo or texture spray. I like Dry Texture Spray from Oribe. It is a dry shampoo, which will remove any oil and add texture to the hair.

2. Take big vertical sections of the hair, and spray the section with a thermal protecting spray. I like Oribe’s Superfine hairspray. It has heat protection, and helps set the curl.

3. Then curl sections of hair vertically with a 1-inch iron, and let cool until you curl the rest of the hair.

4. Back comb the crown. Be careful to smooth the top so it doesn’t look fuzzy.

5. Go ahead and carefully shake out the curls, being mindful of where you want the part in front. You can stop here for the first look and lightly spray to set.


Look #2—Messy, textured ponytail

Messy, textured pony

1. For the second look, just loosely pull the hair back, allowing some pieces to fall naturally in front. You can always pull more out if it is too long to fall on its own.

2. Then put in a ponytail, but keeping it loose. You can take a small section of hair from the pony and wrap around the hair binder then pin it in to give a finished natural look.  Also, after you have the ponytail in, you can pull up on the crown if it gets flat, using the metal end of a rat tail comb is good to get in there and pull it up.


Look #3—Messy, textured bun

Textured, messy bun

Depending on if you want more of a bun style, or just a loose curled feel, for a third look you can just wrap the hair around the ponytail, or tuck and pin the curls.

With the first few steps in mind, you can do any of these simple and pretty styles on your own. Go ahead and embellish on them…add a loose braid or two, put the pony off-center, have fun, and work it girl!

Red carpet here you come!

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