3 Steps to a Long-Lasting Pedicure

So, it’s happened! The snow is actually melting and there is the possibility of my toes being exposed at some point very soon. Truth is, I haven’t had a pedicure in months. It’s not like me to ignore my tootsies—I love perfectly shaped, brightly colored toes even if no one else can see them. Unfortunately, this year’s polar vortex has taken its toll in many ways—resignation that it may never end, and neglect of grooming (let’s just leave it at the toes)!

In celebration of winter’s retreat I made an appointment at Twin City Nails. I always walk out of there with a great pedicure, and I love that I can call and get in right away. I am not good at making appointments too far in advance as my schedule changes quickly.

Ahhhhh! There is something magical about slipping my feet into that warm footbath; it’s like the winter melting away. As I was day dreaming about getting daily pedicures, I asked my pedicurist why it is that when I get them at the salon they last so much longer than when I do them at home? I was surprised that the answer was so simple.

1) Make sure the nail bed is clean

The most important thing is to make sure the nails are really clean. Really—that’s it? Actually it is. Begin by removing all traces of nail polish, especially around the cuticle. Trim and file nails. Then soak and wash the feet, removing nail polish remover. Then push back and if necessary trim the cuticles.

2) Buff the nails

Any shine on the nails is mostly oil. By buffing the nails first, oils are removed allowing for polish to go on more smoothly. The better polish lays on nails the longer the pedicure lasts.

3) Don’t skip the base coat

I NEVER use a base coat! Maybe that’s why my “at home” manicures never last either. My base coat of choice is OPI.

What about color?

Here are some of my favorite shades to usher in a colorful spring.

· According to Pantone, the color of the year is Dazzling Blue. My favorite nail polish version is from Essie in Mesmerized, a beautiful royal blue.

· Another of Pantone’s colors for spring is Radiant Orchid. Best shade of it for nails is Butter London’s—Molly Coddled, an opaque, lavender orchid.

· And last but not least a personal favorite—Celosia Orange MARC JACOBS BEAUTY”¨Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer in Snap! This is a most delicious shade of mandarin orange!

That’s it! Often a simple solution is all you need. Now, let’s see those toes.!

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