3 Tasty Juice Recipes for Beautiful Healthy Hair, Skin, and Nails

Springtime is the season I especially think of juicing and getting on track with feeling good inside out. I am trying Zula Juice (a local company) this year for my annual three day toxin cleanse…Oh my gosh are these tasty and lovely. Not only does juicing get my insides happy and energized, but it also helps create healthy hair and beautiful skin.

Most of us love trying the wonderful skin creams and hair products on the market, but to have true beauty we have to look on the inside—literally and figuratively. Beginning with a diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables will give your body what it needs for glowing skin, strong nails, and lustrous hair.

I have found and tasted these three juice recipes particularly focused on hair, skin, and nail health. I know you will love them. If you try a juice and find you may favor a little more sweetness, you can easily add a little good quality Stevia or honey to your taste. Also, if you find the recipe makes more than you can drink, you can keep the remainder in the fridge for up to one day. Here is a handy idea to do if you want to bring some of your delicious juice to work, or Mom/kid play dates, picnic etc.—you can make the juices and freeze them to take with the night before and they will be ready for you to drink around lunch time.

3 Juice Recipes for Beautiful Healthy Hair, Skin, and Nails

* Please note all recipes can be made in both traditional juicers and high-powered blenders by making easy adjustments such as skipping adding ice for juicers, and adding a little filtered water or coconut water for the high powered blenders etc. For the purpose of the post I will assume you can make the adjustments accordingly, but on that note, please always ask questions if you have them

Also, I just want to mention the importance of washing your fruits and veggies. There are plenty of DIY washing solutions as well as product recommendations for premade washing solutions. /

Glowing Green Smoothie

Recipe by Kimberly Snyder, Author of The Beauty Detox Solution

12-16oz filtered water (if juicing you can ad this later)
1 head of Romaine
1 Cup Spinach
3 Celery Stalks
1 Apple
1 Pear
1 Banana
½ Lemon
1 Cup of Ice

If using a blender, please place ingredients in order given. If juicing, please omit ice and add water at the end.

Hair Heroine

Recipe by Polly Noble, co-author of The Cancer Journey—Positive Steps to Help Yourself Heal

½ Cucumber
1 lemon
3 celery sticks
1 Apple

Polly says, ”Cucumbers are packed full of silica, which is a mineral abundant in nearly every single cell of your body. It’s in your joints, nails, muscles, and every single strand of hair. By topping up our reserves of this nourishing mineral, we can promote healthy hair and nail growth.”

Total Health Booster

Recipe from Health.com

“A swig of this vitamin-packed (A, B, C, E) beverage fuels your whole body. It even fights aging: Lutein plus vitamins A and C up collagen production (for strong bones and younger-looking skin).”

1 Apple
2 Pears
½ Cup fresh pitted Cherries

I hope you enjoy these beauty elixirs as much as I do, and you feel as good on the inside as you will radiate on the outside.

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