4 Favorite Beauty Blogs

As an artist, I am constantly influenced and inspired by the world around me. As a hungry learner by nature, all occupations involving researching and experimenting were on the list as a young college student. Fast-forward a few years and low and behold—here I am blessed and thankful to be able to combine the two passions of art and research in my career. I pinch myself everyday.

Constant research has a way of leading you to an “a-haa” moment. This is a point where all the pieces come together, or you find a resource you are excited about and feel like you can’t wait to tell your special someone, sister, or BFF.

Well, here I am excited to share 5 wonderful resources with you. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do. These are my top 4 beauty blogging sites. Each blog has their own angle, but all are entirely enjoyable and full of personality.

1. Beauty High—This is the site I always refer to my friends for video tutorials… so easy to follow and most of the tutorials are applicable to real people. Makeup Artist Lisa Eldridge is known for flawless skin, and soon you will know some her tricks too

2. Fiore Beauty—This site has a fresh, cheerful, clean feel and the information is presented in article format. It’s easy to navigate and you get perspectives from multiple pros. Win!

3. Cult of Pretty—This site is my personal favorite because the images are so amazing! And being a tried and true girl the product recommendations are great because they are reliable and many go on to be cult favorites.

4. The Formula—Straight from American and European runways to you. You will love the well-traveled feel of this site and get the low-down before you see it in the magazines.

I hope you have as much fun with these beauty blogs as I do, and really enjoy the unique personality of each one. “Research” away!