4 Favorite Places to Get a Massage Along Interstate 494

So the kids need to be picked up, dropped off, and ran to all their different events. Deadlines are always happening at work. The house needs straightening up. Dinner needs to be made….can you already feel your blood pressure rising just thinking about the to-dos of the day?

Never has it been truer that we forget to make time to take care of ourselves and to allow time for reconnecting and just plain enjoying the things and people around us. Calling all practical Minnesotans! It is time for us to make time for ourselves! It really is ok to have some “me” time. It’s healthy for both mind AND body—let’s face it…stress is not pretty! But feeling good sure is.

I often drive along Interstate 494 in the Twin Cities and I’m sure many of you do too. Next time you have a stressful day at work, make sure you book an appointment and swing by one of my four favorite places to get a massage off of 494.

North Metro:

Colleen and Company: You will find cutting-edge skin and body treatments, healing massage (aromatherapy, Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, and more). Colleen and Company is a one-of-a-kind Aveda salon-spa. They believe wellness is the balance of the mind, body, and environment. They use Aveda products that are certified organic, all-natural, and are great for you AND the environment.

South Metro:

Life Spa: Located in the Lifetime Fitness Center Building, Life Spa is a wonderful place to go to work out the trials of that day’s work out. Highly trained therapists will work you into a limber puddle of happiness. Conveniently, you can enjoy a delicious smoothie before heading out the door at their café.

East Metro:

Asoalonna Spa: Founded in 1976 Asolanna Spa has a dedicated client list. Time after time they have proven that their talented therapists and customer service are top-notch. Conveniently located in the heart of beautiful downtown Stillwater, you will feel the beauty already soaking in as soon as you roll into town.

West Metro:

Healing Hands Massage: The name just makes you feel well doesn’t it? Healing Hands Massage offers nice discounts if you purchase packages or become a member. Healing Hands offers a variety of headache relieving and muscle pain easing massages as well as facials.

No matter where you are along the Interstate 494 you can find a lovely place to go to relax and take good care of yourself.