4 Ways to Shape Your Brows—How to Choose?

Although makeup trends go in and out of fashion, a beautifully arched brow is always in style. With so many options on how to achieve the perfect brow— tweezing, threading, waxing, or shaving—how’s a girl to choose?

Consider this a brow primer and a call to action if you’ve used the arctic vortex as an excuse to let brows become your arch nemesis.

Tweezing —Most accurate/Least expensive*/DIY

I am a big fan of tweezing because it is the most precise method of shaping the brows. Only one hair is removed at a time (at least when I am tweezing), and you can be very specific about the shape you are creating. Once you’ve created a perfect arch, maintenance is easy. I’ve written here before about how to create picture perfect brows through tweezing . The same techniques still apply to create a beautifully tweezed brow.

Also, this technique is the least expensive option once you’ve invested in a great pair of tweezers. My favorites tweezers are still the Tweezerman brand.

The other important tool is a magnifying mirror. I can’t overemphasize the importance of the magnifying mirror, especially if you wear reading glasses or if you have very fair hair.

Threading —Quick/Inexpensive/Great for Sensitive skin

Threading originated in India and has become more popular in the west in the last few years. Threaders use a twisted thread between the hands and mouth (yes mouth—this is what freaks me out the most, but according to experts, the mouth method is the fastest and most precise). Using the thread, rows of hair are removed quickly at the follicle. Unlike hot wax, threading is gentle on the skin and can even be tolerated by sensitive skin. The only draw back, because of how quickly the hair is removed, is the possibility of reckless hair removal. Make sure you go to a professional.

Waxing —Quick/Longest lasting/Cleanest look

Waxing is the longest lasting form of hair removal because hair is removed at the root. Waxing is very effective for thick, course hair. Over time, regrowth in areas that have been waxed may grow back softer. Waxing is more expensive than other methods initially, however, the cost may even out in the long run because of it’s longer lasting effect. I don’t usually recommend waxing for sensitive skin. Always see a licensed esthetician for waxing services.

Shaving —Painless/Least expensive

Although eyebrow shaving is less common, small eyebrow shavers can be easily found at many drug stores and online. This is the least painful method of eyebrow shaping and is most effective on eyebrows with thinner hair. The disadvantages are quick regrowth and stubble, not to mention if you slip (I don’t even want to think about this)! Nonetheless, many women use this method with positive results.

Regardless of which method you choose, beautiful brows are the perfect compliment for spring’s array of fresh beauty.

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