5 Gift Ideas for Guys Who Are Hard to Shop For

This is it—serious gift crunch time. I don’t want to brag, but I am pretty close to having everything and everyone crossed off the list—that is, except for the husband.

Not that he’s picky (okay maybe a little), or difficult, or hard to please.

He does however, remind me that when he needs something, he just goes and gets it.

And here in lies the dilemma, need vs. want. My husband is a minimalist and really doesn’t want for anything.

A gift is always better if it is something the receiver both needs and wants (even if they don’t know they need and want it). The gift then fulfills both a necessity as well as a desire. Said gift doesn’t need to be extravagant or expensive, but it must be thoughtful. What to give my darling husband…

I was working with an all male team this week, all of whom I adore and have exquisite taste, so I asked all of them what they would appreciate as a gift. Here a few of their suggestions:

Massage services

My friend Michael is a stylist and travels a minimum of 30 weeks a year. His suggestion was simple—a gift certificate for massage services. “The most relaxing thing for me after a long job is to have a deep tissue massage. It rejuvenates the body and the soul.” And who doesn’t need a little rejuvenation? Not to mention this is something my husband needs and will probably want but never thinks to do for himself.

Pedicure and facials

On this same vein, a gift of a pedicure and a facial were both suggested by the guys on my set (with the caveat that they take place at an all-male spa). Do those exist? Actually they do—there is one in downtown Minneapolis called, MENSSPA.CO.

TRX suspension training

Our model, Peter Argue, chimed in, “I know the perfect gift!” He proceeded to unpack his TRX suspension training basic kit. Peter is a world traveler (with a very recognizable face). For someone that makes his living keeping in shape, he swears by the TRX system. A former Navy Seal developed the system. No more excuses about not going to the gym (and it’s not much more expensive than a one month membership fee at a club).


Then Greg walks by smelling wonderful. What is he wearing? ­­­­Maroma Men Olibanum Citrus. This is a really special line of products. Made in India, Maroma makes memorably appealing fragrances. I have to be honest—even though this would be a gift from me, it’s really for me. And as for Greg, he actually thought my husband might like a beer of the month club. Wait—that one could be for me too…

An experience

Okay, I know I said I was getting advice from males, but here is a suggestion from a lady on my team. My friend Betsy overheard me talking about my post this week and after she read this entry, she suggested one more addition to my list. It’s called Cloud 9 living and it’s a place where you buy an experience for someone. “I love being able to give something different, an experience or a memory.” Betsy told me that whenever she’s recommended this website to someone, they end up finding a gift to give. My husband has always wanted to learn to fly, and that’s one of the experiences offered at Cloud 9 Living (and no shipping).

Thanks everyone for your suggestions—no matter what the gift, it is the thought that counts.