6 Great Places to Pamper Your Pooch

Your beloved dog is more than just a pet, right? (A $40 Tigger sweater? Been there, bought that.) Sometimes you have to go above and beyond for your canine companion, and there are plenty of local places that will meet you there in style.


Just Dogs! GourmetLuLu & Luigi


Metro Dogs

Pet Salon
The Canine Coach


Woodbury-based dog-treat bakery (and shop at Mall
of America)

Boutiques in
St. Louis Park, Wayzata, and White Bear Lake

Specialized dog services based
in St. Paul

Daycare and boarding in
Minneapolis’ North Loop

Posh pampering in Plymouth

Dog training centers in Minneapolis, St. Paul, West St. Paul, and
St. Louis Park

The Scene

Canine boutique-slash-boulangerie with confections and breed-specific merch (Beagle on Board stickers, par example)

Humans’ viewpoint: Toys, treats, apparel; tasteful and carefully curated. Dog’s viewpoint: TREATS! GIMME!

Brick-and-mortar for grooming and shopping, house calls for dog walking and sitting

Drop-off service with trainers and groomers; dog should look and behave better upon pickup

Don’t show up in sweats when your dog is getting fluff drying, cologne, and a coat-accenting bow or bandana

Make your best friend a little less high maintenance with sport training, group classes, and in-home behavior adjustment

Ideal customer

Dog that will legitimately pass up a bowl of dry kibble with total confidence that something better is on the way

The discerning dog with wide-ranging tastes
in the things they’ll soon
rip to shreds

Pooch who tends to get restless and destructive when left alone for long periods

Furry furniture wrecker. Slobbering shoe chewer. Canine carpet ruiner.  

The rare dog who isn’t really freaked out by
a mirror

The dog feeling a lot like Amy Winehouse
(“I told you I was trouble / You know that I’m
no good.”)

Custom Touch

Personalized birthday cakes decorated in a variety of colors (That dog colorblindness thing? Totally a myth.)

“Pawlours,” featuring hydro-massage baths and essential
oils for famed
“new-dog” smell

“Pawlours,” featuring hydro-massage baths and essential
oils for famed
“new-dog” smell    “Yappy Hour” time for dogs to socialize (and humans, probably saving us from restlessness and destructiveness)

24/7 maternity boarding service: Expectant parents can drop off their dog at a moment’s notice on their way to the hospital

“Feet, Face, and Fanny” treatment: Keep Fido looking fly and frizz-free between full floofing

Doggie boot camp: drop-off daytime training program that teaches dogs basic commands (rifle training not included)