A Clear Complexion

Maggie Miley’s Complexions on Carter: Your Friend in Skincare

Listen closely, my pets, because I’m about to tell you about a hidden gem right here in St. Paul. This is one of those things I would love to keep to myself by claiming some kind of style-editor privilege, but in my heart of hearts, I want everyone to know about it—that is my job, after all. So here I go, being the bigger person (I kid). In St. Anthony Park, tucked away in that elfin little mall-like thing that houses Muffaletta restaurant—right next to the Finnish Bistro, Bibelot, Peapods, etc.—is Complexions on Carter, a one-woman show run by the fabulous Maggie Miley. Maggie is a superb aesthetician, and after an hour with her, you’ll want to invite her out for a glass of wine. She is just that friendly and fun.

So when you get on her table to have your skin examined—which can be an intimidating process, what with that eyeball-searing light and poreless face looking at you from above at a-billion-magnification—you’re already at ease. And then her 18 years of experience come into play: somehow she has cleared clogged pores without you noticing. She’s evaluated your skin type and diagnosed issues before you point to them. You slide right into the best parts of a facial: moisturizing masks, cooling spritzes, massssaaahge.

Maggie’s philosophy is that good skin care is good self care, and it is indeed true. Who wants to leave the house with a giant blemish? And furthermore, what does that giant blemish or dull skin or scaly, flaky spot say about how we’re taking care of ourselves from the inside out? Maggie will tell you—gently, kindly, humorously. And then she’ll fix it, with products that are effective and have a mind toward safer ingredients. She might even send you away with some free samples.

I experienced a couple treatments with Maggie, one being the Turn Around Bright Eyes treatment (a facial and eye treatment) and the oxygen facial, which included a mask that, after being exposed to air, bubbles off your face like Pop Rocks, leaving a smooth glow. My skin felt amazing after them both. But Maggie won my heart when she told me of her mission to help teenagers get great skin. Not everyone has the touch to deal with teens or the drive to tackle tough issues. Every teen girl would love to have a Maggie.

For the guys, she has a Chuck Norris treatment—that’s one manly facial.

Last, Maggie observes a no-tipping policy, which I found ironic, since I wanted to throw piles of cash in her direction for her magical healing powers.

2228 Carter Ave., St. Paul, 651-238-2338, complexionsoncarter.com