A Guide to the 2015 Minnesota Fringe Festival

The Averagers Minnesota Fringe Festival
comedy suitcase presents the averagers, photo by noah keesecker

I’ve gotten very accustomed to that satisfying pop of the Apple TV as I switch from option to option—so much so that I’ve barely noticed with how little fanfare I’ve abandoned the once vital but now antiquated habit of cable-channel swimming in the on-demand Netflix era. Today, the Minnesota Fringe makes more sense than ever, with its more than 170 shows spread out across genres of comedy, drama, musicals, and the always-tantalizing wild cards. I picked out the 20 shows that I’m most interested in seeing this year:

Minnesota Fringe


1-5 Proof Fringe Festival105 Proof or the Killing of Mack “The Silencer” Klein

Prohibition-era bootlegger in a tale by creators of Fringe hit Ash Land.

Image by Transatlantic Love Affair



Melancholy LondonMelancholy London

A devilish charmer investigates a demonic caseof a doctor poisoning his wife.

Image by Tim Uren


The Debutante Fringe FestivalThe Debutante

Love, loss, passion, and the foibles of the wealthy in a story by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Image by Bruce Abas


Petunia and ChickenPetunia and Chicken

An old-time story of romance on the prairie inspired by the works of Willa Cather.

Image by Karim Muasher



Merry Spider CafeMerry Spider Cafe

Sketches, dance moves, and Ferrari McSpeedy’s ninth show at the MN Fringe.

Image by Mike Fotis


The Most Massive Woman Wins Fringe FestivalThe Most Massive Woman Wins

Four women walk into a liposuction clinic in this comedy about body image.

Image by Theatre Unbound


Total Eclipse of the Heart Fringe FestivalTotal Eclipse of the Heart

Original ensemble comedy inspired by Bonnie Tyler’s epic 1983 rock ballad.

Image by ericpare/Fotolia


Dr. Deep Shake Your Noggin Like A BobbleheadDr. Deep—Shake Your Noggin Like a Bobblehead

A lecture on spirituality, science, and nonsense for the “jaded and older”.

Image by Sam Mistry



A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Death StarA Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Death Star

Musical Star Wars parody with singing Storm Troopers.

Image by Tony Riley


Trial by Jury Fringe FestivalTrial by Jury

Gilbert & Sullivan operetta about a woman who sues for breach of marriage and captivates the judge.

Image by Stephen Hage


Edgar AllanEdgar Allan

An 11-year-old wants to be most remarakable at his boarding school; inspired by tales of Edgar Allan Poe.

Image by Dan Norman (photo) & Boris Rasin (artwork)


Damn Kids These Days Fringe FestivalDamn Kids These Days

Young people tell stories of their parents’ childhoods  to  Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack.

Image by Amanda Eggers & Katy Hays



Spicy Masala Chai Fringe FestivalSpicy Masala Chai

Bollywood Dance Scene returns to the Fringe with a cast of 60 in this dance drama romance.

Image by D Mad Photography


Dance with the DevilDance with the Devil

Fame, love, money (and the Seven Deadly Sins): the reasons people sell their souls.

Image by Dan Norman


High Flight Fringe FestivalHigh Flight

Music/dance with brass quintet telling story of MN man whose plane disappeared in 2012.

Image by Phoenix Memories Photography


Judge Me. Hate Me. Love Me. Fringe FestivalJudge me. Hate me. Love me.

Two performers blow up the fourth wall with humor, connection, and intensity.

Image by Lauren Baker Photography  



Pretty Girls Make Graves Fringe FestivalPretty Girls Make Graves

A dark comedy about friendship, named after a song by the Smiths.

Image by Justin D. Gallo Photography


Frankenstein Fringe FestivalFrankenstein

Bloody onstage horror and darkness—not for children or the squeamish.

Image by Raw Red Meat Productions


Too Punk to Care Fringe FestivalToo Punk to Care

Friends form a punk band to save the world from apathy and depression.

Image by Lizzie Narlock


Tales of the LampTales of the Lamp

Black light, puppets, and mime evoke the world of 1,001 Arabian Nights.

Image by Scott Lipiec & Todd Farley