Accessories Profile: L. SHOFF Jewelry

A new fine-jewelry company goes eco-friendly

More consumers are buying food that’s organic, additive-free, and locally farmed—shouldn’t we expect the same from what we wear? That’s the impetus behind L. SHOFF, a new Minnesota-made fine-jewelry line. The collection of sterling silver, 14-karat gold, and semi-precious gems by 22-year-old Minneapolis designer Lauren Shoff is crafted completely from recycled and ethically sourced materials—including woolly-mammoth ivory sourced from Alaska and dinosaur bone from the western United States. Much of today’s mass-produced jewelry isn’t made as carefully or with the same quality as it was in the past. “Your jewelry is breaking, while your grandmother’s is still around,” says Shoff. “I want my jewelry to be passed down.” For her minimalist designs, she takes inspiration from nature, architecture, and history. Her modern take on the 15th century poesy ring, then popular as a lover’s gift, is embossed with the Latin inscription, nemo nisi mors (“nobody except death” will part us). As timeless in style as message, it’s destined to be a keepsake. •