And the Oscar Goes To…

Confession: I saw very few movies, Oscar-nominated or not, this year. (Bridesmaids may have been the sole one…oy.) I was more wrapped up in streaming TV shows on Netflix. But I still eagerly anticipated the red carpet—the glamour, the dos, the don’ts—because you will see a lot of trends emerge for the coming year, whether in color, style, or beauty.

Here’s who I would give gold statuettes to:

Wow, did I love Michelle Williams’ dress. That COLOR. People are arguing over if it’s orange or red or coral—who cares? It’s gorgeous. Amazing texture, on-trend peplum, fits beautifully. This is old-school Hollywood glamour, modernized. That’s what she does best.

Apparently, I loved the ladies in red. People were knocking Portman for her look last year, and saying this was a “save.” Disagree. I think she looked lovely both years (And besides, cut her some slack, she took home Best Actress while being hugely pregnant and managed to look glam.) Loved the fit and flare of this dress, including a very sophisticated polka dot.

Oh, Emma. Whoever does her styling is spot-on. She’s youthful but sophisticated. I love the big bow, and her accessories and hair/makeup were a perfect compliment.

She’s far too skinny these days, I think we can agree, and I don’t care for her as much as I used to, especially her calculated vampiness wearing it, but this dress is INSANE. So good.

I’ve long had a crush on Penelope Cruz. So beautiful, and she has impeccable style. This dress, to me, is the epitome of Oscar glamour. I wouldn’t have necessarily put her in this blue color—I don’t think it’s perfect for her complexion—but she still wears it well.

This Tadashi Shoji dress fits Octavia Spencer like a glove. Even though it’s not breaking any fashion barriers, it’s extremely flattering, and glamorous. A+.

Incredible. Love the cape and the asymmetrical neckline. Looks like it was made expressly for her.

Ellie Kemper looks so cute. Structured dresses with a slightly mermaid-y shape are flattering, and I love how the dress matches her hair.

Better than most years, in Lanvin. I wish it’d fit a little differently. But, who really cares? It’s Meryl.

I love Kristen Wiig, and I love her hair and makeup with this dress. And I love the dress. Just not in this color. On her or anybody.

And as for the faces…

I know, I know, Michelle Williams this, Michelle Williams that. But this whole look was so beautiful. Love her Chanel-done face—this is spring beauty to a T. Perfect compliment to that firecracker of a dress. And I continue to love her short hair.

Loved the back of Rooney Mara’s dress, but hated the front. The save was her stunning, heavy-brow, red-lipped look. (Dare I say our own Emma Berg worked this look first?)

I love the heavy-banged bob and somehow this NARS smoky eye/nude lip combo doesn’t feel tired on Rose Byrne. (I liked her dress, too.)

Love Sandra’s Chanel makeup, but didn’t care for the tight ponytail. It only accentuated the fact that she’s now gone one step too far with the plastic surgery. I hope she knocks that off—she’s so naturally beautiful and it doesn’t fit with her down-to-Earth personality.

Despite my ambivalence about her dress, I loved Kristen Wiig’s Chanel manicure and both of her rings. Looks like maybe one is personal and one is for the show?

Full-length photos courtesy the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Beauty photos courtesy Chanel and NARS Cosmetics.