Angel Face

You may not recognize Angelia, but you’ve seen the faces she’s painted

Angelia is so well known for her makeup and hair artistry that she’s recognized by just her first name.

(America’s Next Top Model fans: She’s worked with Nigel Barker). She began her career making wigs at the Guthrie, but eventually chose brushes and eye shadow over L.A. and wardrobes. Here, she shares her experiences and tips.

I won the North American Hairstyling Award, the Oscars of the hair industry, in 2006. I accepted my award right before Vidal Sassoon. It blew me away: I opened for Vidal Sassoon!

Italian Vogue copied the look. After I won the NAHA competition with Juut stylist Maureen Anlauf, we heard it appeared in the magazine. That’s when you know you’re on to something.


We can’t do the nude lip and smoky eye forever. There are other looks that are beautiful, too. Don’t be afraid of variety.

Looking beautiful is achievable and accessible. Be happy for people who have what you want, but recognize what you have. Don’t chase down someone else’s look your whole life.

Look in the mirror and tip your chin up a couple inches. Follow the natural shadow as you apply, and you can’t go wrong. The light will catch what you should highlight: lids, brow bone, bridge of your nose, and cheekbones.

I have three guidelines: beauty, health, and youth. Think about what’s beautiful on a young girl’s face: her clear skin, pink cheeks, nice brows, clear eyes, and full lips. That’s your goal.

Lipstick is bold, beautiful, and eternal. It’s been used throughout history to make a statement. Before eye shadow and blush came lipstick.

I’m kind of psychic. I have to be—I’m six inches away from people most days.

Makeup is just accessory—it’s just completing a look.

Do your brows. Don’t overpluck, just make them tidy.

If you don’t like it, wipe it.

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