Are You Wearing Orange Today?

I’m not. Because, despite my good intention to get into the Halloween spirit, I have nothing orange in my closet and probably never will (there is a pumpkin orange prom dress from Bergdorf’s in my past, and it’s gonna stay there). So in addition to eating other people’s candy, I’m doing my part today by sharing the latest makeup craze with you: Coral. It’s an unlikely favorite for fall, but it’s exactly what we need to brighten up sallow skin this time of year. Plus, just think of what a burst of juicy, orangey color on a chilly autumn day can do for your mood! Now, not all corals are created equal. Some of the garish shades out there are safer on the runway. But the following are pretty fool-proof—as long as you don’t wear them all at once. The look you’re going for is peaches and cream. You can click on each image for details. Happy Halloween!