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Paper Hat brings crafty-cool art and handmade goods to <br /> south Minneapolis

Greta Norlander believes art should be accessible to all. That’s why she stocks her new shop, Paper Hat, with affordable pieces—some prints run as low as $35—as well as a rotating series that will interest fine-art collectors. (They even open with a swanky party.)

Norlander’s background in graphic design and art direction serves the shop well, because while everything is handmade, nothing looks home-made, and the shop is artfully curated, with a darling front window. Offerings run the gamut from bath-and-body goodies to aprons to jewelry, with many items made in Minnesota or the Midwest.

The shop inspires a one-for-you, one-for-me feeling—especially because Norlander carries items like clutches by Emerson Made, a cult-status fashion/accessories label that’s not available anywhere else locally.  You’ve been warned:  stop to get a present for a friend and you’re likely to leave with a gift for yourself, too.

Paper Hat
2309 W. 50th St., Mpls.

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