Arts & Crafts Revival

I grew up thinking I might be adopted. My parents and I just didn’t see eye-to-eye on interior design. They filled our 1960s colonial with Arts and Crafts furniture, and stained glass that my mom created in the basement workroom. I couldn’t appreciate this. I wanted a pink bedroom with a window seat an canopy bed—not exactly Frank Lloyd Wright. As an adult, I’ve developed some appreciation for Prairie Style architecture. It’s simple, but not in a harsh, minimalist way. When I stayed at Canoe Bay in a cottage built by Wright’s protege, John Rattenbury, I felt calmed and comforted by the space.

I was recently blown away by a collection of ceramic vases originally designed by the architects of the Prairie School (members of the America Arts and Crafts movement), and revived by Prairie Arts design group. Although it was inspired by late 19th century pieces, the Teco Art Pottery Collection feels modern and fresh to me. The lines are clean and elegant, and the color palette—aqua, orange, yellow—is bold without being garish. (Interestingly, the shape and color remind me of these traditional Chinese vases that I bought for my mantle.) I’m not a collector, but I could really get carried away these—especially when they’re just a click away at Room & Board (note: the orange and aqua versions will be in stores and online shortly). See more of my favorite vases for spring here—flowers not required!