As Seen on TV

Last week I stopped by Twin Cities Live to share a few of my favorite style solutions. You can watch the segment here, or keep reading for a preview. These three ingenious tools make me wonder: Why I didn’t think of that?!? 

Where have you been all my life? For every woman who has a bit of back gap, but doesn’t want her belt to show, this is IT!  Similar to a clear, plastic bra strap, but worn through belt loops, Isabelt keeps pants in place (Especially those low-riders. We don’t want to see your whale tail.) but is so thin it’s undetectable under shirts. You get the benefit of a belt without the bulk.
$19 at Hot Mama stores or

Most of my pants and jeans are long enough to wear with heels, but too long to wear with flats. I wind up dragging my hems all around town. Two sister from NYC struggled with the same thing on their daily commutes, so they came up with Zakkerz. These magnetic hems allow you to temporarily cuff your pants to the desired length. Perfect for flip-flop days, walking to bus, or for snow boots. $24-27 at

Behind the Seams
Occasionally, I sweat. It’s only natural. However, I don’t want to broadcast it to the rest of the world, and I don’t want one more white shirt to wind up in my workout clothes drawer because, well, there’s no pretty way to say this—because of pit stains. Leave it to the Minneapolis-based women who created Hollywood Fashion Tape to come up with a simple solution: apparel shields that, when affixed to the insider underarm of one’s shirt, wick away moisture and (rose-smelling) odor, and prevent fabric discoloration. $10 for six pairs at

Got a beauty or fashion weapon that you can’t live without? Tell me about it at