Askov Finlayson Delivering “North” Hats via Uber

If you’re anything like me, you probably still have a few names left on your holiday shopping list. (Oops.) Thankfully, Askov Finlayson has my back. For today only, the North Loop shop has partnered with the car service app Uber to offer their popular “North” hats on-demand, delivered to your doorstep or office with the swipe of a button. The hats, which retail for $27 for a youth size and $29 for an adult version, come already gift-wrapped, and delivery is free. 

The “North” hat is Askov Finlayson owners Eric and Andrew Dayton’s homage to the retro ski hats of the 1980s—a nostalgic nod to their youth spent on ice rinks. Today, you can’t throw a latté in North Loop without hitting someone donning the ubiquitous cap.

How it works:

• Enter code ‘TEAMNORTH’ in the promotions section of your Uber app to unlock the NORTH option.

• Hats will appear in-app when North Hats On Demand goes live at Noon CST on 12/23.

• Select the NORTH option to request delivery of a North Hat.

• When your Uber arrives, you can choose any color from the available options. Selection per vehicle will vary.

You must purchase at least one hat per delivery, there is no maximum purchase, and deliveries are available while supplies last. (Oh, and if you’re lucky, you might get your hat hand-delivered by Eric Dayton himself, who will be riding along with one of the Ubers.) Proceeds from sales of the “North” hats, benefit Askov Finlayson’s Keep the North Cold campaign to fight climate change; to learn more about the movement, visit To learn more about the Uber partnership, visit