August 2011 Style File


Hair Do’s

For hair that’s more mermaid than sea creature

The joys of summer hair: free highlights, beachy waves, breeze-blown volume. The doldrums: straw-like texture, frizz, split ends. Your ’do needs a wheatgrass shot, and Regis has developed the hair equivalent with DesignLine Ultimate Radiance. Pick up the sulfate-free shampoo, conditioner/styler, and defrizz spray, which contain such hydrating, sun-protecting, frizz-busting ingredients as cocoa- and mango-seed butters, seashell protein, sea buckthorn berry, and sea-algae extract. So that’s why mermaids have such great hair… $7–$11, Regis Salons, various locations.

Earn Your Stripes

There’s no doubt about it: Stripes are back in a serious way, from home décor to fashion and more. And contrary to what Mom told you, they are completely, totally flattering. We promise.

Add drama to a room with bold striped wallpaper. Vertigo, $127/roll @ Ferm Living,
 A full-length Flynn skirt, perfect for the opera or a coffee date. $280 @
 The classic summer shoe. Sardinia espadrille, $118 @ J. Crew,