Aveda Goes Sky High

So, yesterday, I told you about the launch of Control Force and the magic it purports to create. Today, proof is in the pudding.

Here I am, before:

Behold, the in-process workings:

This is me, with Pearson Knight (what a rockstar name, right?). He’s a master stylist at Juut and also is a lead stylist for New York Fashion Week. This year he styled the models for Ports 1961 show and garnered a lot of press for his textured, voluminous styles. Knight tells me that texture and height are most definitely back.  (I think this is great news, personally.)

And, yes, my hair is seriously really sticking straight up after a couple short blasts of Control Force. The amazing thing is that it still feels touchable and doesn’t look frozen in place. No Aqua Net, this.

Here’s the final look, shot from the front:

And from the side:

Aaaaand, from the back:

I have heavy hair, so normally updos take about eleventy kadrillion bobby pins. Not this time! Just a strategically placed few have held the tresses in place all day. (The looks I’m catching in the skyway are not to be believed.) This hairspray is the real deal, people. People are uploading their photos to the Aveda Facebook page if you want to see some more hairdo heights.

Last, take a few tips for sky-high hair from Pearson:

1. Hair mimics the energy you put into it. For roughed-up textures, dry hair upside down, tousle, and tease to rough up the cuticle.

2. Hair tends to keep the position you dry it in.  Therefore, if you dry upside-down, roots will stay standing straight up.

3. If you’re starting with wet hair, use Volumizing Tonic to help pump up the volume.

4. Spray a bit of Control Force before you curl/style each section of hair; it acts like a styling agent.

5. When you undo the ‘do, comb from ends to roots, and don’t get it wet until you untangle. Conditioner won’t help unless you’ve done the dry-brush first. A little Damage Remedy provides some first aid for your locks, too.