Bat The Lashes

My friend Fatima (yes, we have the same name) is a model. She’s tall, thin, and—needless to say—beautiful. Even without makeup she looks fantastic, but there is one area where she enhances what nature gave her.

When doing her makeup for a shoot recently, I noticed her lashes were incredibly thick and luxurious, even without mascara. I have been seeing an increase in the popularity of lash extensions (a single lash bonded to extend and thicken the appearance of the natural lash) over the last few years, but I can usually tell close up when someone has had this done. With Fatima’s lashes, I had to ask, and she shared her secret: Heidi Minea. The lashes looked so amazing, I had to meet Heidi and watch her work her magic.

Here’s what Heidi shared with me: A first-time application for a complete set of lashes on the upper lid takes about two hours and can run $250-400 or more. The final look is discussed, which includes length, thickness, and curl. Heidi has upwards of 35 different lengths, thicknesses, and curls to choose from, which creates a truly natural-only-better look for each client.

To begin, the eyes are prepped to ensure the top lashes don’t adhere to the bottom lashes.

Then, the painstaking process begins. First, the natural lash is isolated.

The lash extension is dipped in the bonding agent, then attached to the natural lash and a drying agent is used, which also helps to blend the glue for a seamless appearance. (This is where the OCD really comes in.)

If it’s done correctly, the glue is not noticeable and the lashes look perfectly authentic. Heidi uses three to five different types of lashes (see above) on each client to create a one-of-a-kind look, just like nature would.

Because the extensions fall out when the natural lashes fall off (approximately one to four each day) they need to be filled in every three to four weeks. It takes a little over an hour and costs approximately $60 to $90.

If this seems like big commitment, there is another option, called an accent. It starts at $40 and she simply adds 15-18 lashes per eye, giving you an idea of what lash extensions would do for you. (An accent application or gift certificate for an accent makes a great gift!)

I am fantasizing about waking up every morning looking like a Disney character without doing a thing—and just think of the money I’ll save on mascara. If my husband sees the bill, don’t underestimate the power of batting my new Bambi lashes.

Heidi Minea, Mendota Heights, 651-208-8484,