Beauty Buzz: Ion Cleansing Footbath

In every issue of Minnesota Monthly, we feature a first-person account of a beauty/wellness treatment. It’s not just an excuse for me to get a massage—though that is a rather nice perk—it’s a way for YOU to get a glimpse of some of the most intriguing, innovative, and rejuvenating treatments that the Cities have to offer—and then decide for yourself if a $200 diamond facial is worth the price (possibly) or if your cellulite could benefit from body shaping (my guess is yes).

Since I started writing this column about a year ago, no treatment has created more buzz then this month’s Ion Cleansing Footbath (not even the brazilian wax). Since the August issue hit, not a day goes by that someone doesn’t ask me about this bizarre detox, which purportedly removes toxins from the body using osmosis. It’s definitely something you have to see to believe, though what you believe is up to you. I’m just the messenger.


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