Beauty Is As Beauty Does

And Julie Swenson does beauty extraordinarily well

Julie Swenson is one of “those” people—the type that make you wonder if they ever sleep. She’s launched successful business after successful business, has a top-notch reputation as one of the best in bridal beauty, always has multiple side projects going on, and she’s a mom. It makes me tired just typing that. ¶ Now she’s got a new space on Grand Avenue, called Julie Swenson Beauty. Her space is adorably appointed with vintage beauty supplies, cult-favorite cosmetics and hair products, and irresistible gifts.

The purpose is two-pronged: she has classes for makeup artists to further their craft. The other half is reaching out to regular people (read: us) to teach us about our beauty routines. I love the BYOM class—Bring Your Own Makeup. Julie will diplomatically (and, if I know her, hilariously) help you sort out what to keep and toss, and will teach you how to use that thing you had to have but now have no idea what to do with. I know you know what I am talking about.

Whenever I’m with Julie I learn something. Here are a few tips from our session.

If you’re pale-yet-red, like me, make your own corrector. Julie tapped green eyeshadow into the foundation she smoothed on my face, and bingo: porcelain. You can totally do that at home.

Second, a perfect on-the-cheap shortcut: E.L.F, a brand you can find at Target, has an awesome product that will cost you ONE dollar: the Shimmering Facial Whip, a highlighter. It is shimmery, not glittery, and is age and fatigue defying!

Julie Swenson BeautyThird: she layered chocolate-brown and black gel eyeliner over nude shadow for a complex color that made my eyes nearly pop out of my head. It’s perfect for precise lash lines. Then she combed my lashes, and wowza—Twiggy lashes. I recommend her teeny-tiny Stella angled brush (her own brand, of course). 

Last, a berry lip. Hello, My So-Called Life! In the best way, of course. It will be so hot for fall.

New tricks, a few tips, and I barely had to buy a thing to update my look. This is how easy beauty should be.  

Best Bets

Julie carries the Make Up Designory line of cosmetics, adored by artists, totally usable and accessible for the rest of us.

Get the Look

Book your own one-on-one time with Julie—you won’t regret it.
1026 Grand Ave., St. Paul, 612-741-0288,