Bird Hunting, Whiskey Tasting, and a Very Unusual Necklace

One part Annie Oakley, one part Carrie Bradshaw, outdoor adventurer Georgia Pellegrini will look pioneer pretty at her upcoming girlfriend getaway at the American Club Resort Hotel in Kohler, Wis.–and so should you.

Ladies, forget Las Vegas; for your next girlfriend getaway, hop in the car and head for the Girl Hunter Getaway Adventure at the American Club Resort Hotel in Kohler, Wisconsin (April 3-6), where modern-day pioneer Georgia Pellegrini will be leading women in a long weekend of bird hunting, trap shooting, fishing, yoga, whiskey tasting, cooking classes and spa pampering all while—and this is the part I really love—looking like she stepped out of a Ralph Lauren ad. Seriously. Even when she’s (gulp) “butchering.” The native Texan favors playful, feminine pairings of camo and colorful plaids, funky hats, classic aviators, and always, always mascara. “Don’t feel like you have to dress like a boy to be a good outdoor adventurer,” says Pellegrini, whose latest book, Modern Pioneering, hit stores yesterday. “Most hunting clothing is men’s clothing scaled down to size. I pretty much never wear it. It steals my joy.” Pellegrini shared with Minnesota Monthly tips on looking great while braving the wild. Don’t miss the part about bringing wet wipes for getting rid of blood. Or the photo of her favorite raccoon penis necklace. It’s actually crazy cool. Kohler, here I come.

MM: How would you describe your style?

GP: I tend to do strange things like wear white when I butcher, wear a red plaid shirt with camo pants, or wear animal parts as jewelry. My raccoon penis necklace is among my more eyebrow-raising necklaces. I also love my bear claw necklace, given to me by a woman who attended one of my Adventure Getaways.

racoon necklace courtesy of georgia pellegrini on behalf of beth beverly

MM: Can you share your style advice?

GP: As long as you’re comfortable, warm, dry, and feel distinctly like a woman, then you’ve found the right clothing. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Get some good, tall boots. I have some great knee-length boots that are super easy to slip on and off because they have a draw string on the top so you don’t have to spend hours lacing them up. Just kick them off and recline by the fire after a day in the outdoor. You have plenty of room for thick wool socks in there.

Scarves are important too. I have one from Burberry that I love because it is so warm, but wherever you get one, just get pretty with it.

I love vests too. They are the perfect middle ground when you want to be able to move around and the weather isn’t too severe. 

I carry my aviator sunglasses everywhere, and I don’t step into the daylight without them. The look can go city to outdoors in no time.

Keeping your head warm is very important in the field (or when butchering), but I don’t settle for just any hat. I like slightly outrageous or furry hats. Because I can. I was driving along once in a car with someone and my hair was flying everywhere and as I tried to tame it he said… “let it all go.” That stuck with me… it’s important to feel our hair go wild in the wind sometimes. So if you do throw your hair up, do it in a loose look, you don’t want to be too constricted.

In general, choose clothes that don’t wrinkle easily, feel feminine, and allow you to move around.

photo courtesy of kohler co.

Other tips: drink lots of water. By the time you’re thirsty you’re already dehydrated, so have a water bottle with you always. Sure, you may have to take extra bathroom breaks, but you’re worth it.

Wear sunscreen with a high SPF. It’s amazing how quickly you can burn when the conditions are windy and even overcast.

Wear super-moisturizing lip balm. Aquaphor is my favorite, because it creates a protective shield that lasts a really long time.

Have a bottle of hand moisturizer in your pocket. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your hands dry out, especially at high altitudes and cold temperatures.

Eye drops are crucial; the elements will dry eyes out quickly. I never leave home without them. The ones from Rohto make you have the brightest white eyes you’ve ever seen. And they’re nice n’ minty feeling for when you want to wake up a bit.

Wet wipes will be your best friend when you want to get rid of the blood on your hands. Or the dirt. Either way.

Smile and breathe deeply. There’s something about breathing in deeply and smiling when you’re in nature. It gives you perspective and reminds you how to keep your joy. It makes you feel beautiful on the inside, and that is what matters.