Bittersweet Sale: Stormsister Spatique

Today begins the Secret Sale at Stormsister Spatique, and the countdown to the closing of Becky Sturm’s brick-and-mortar shop.

I’m sad. Becky was one of my picks for our Best Of issue this year. Her little boutique has long been a bright spot on St. Paul’s West Side, bringing safer, more luxurious products to St. Paulites (and beyond).

 The silver lining is that Becky will continue her online shop—the bulk of her business has always been there, including from Twin Citians—and it clears some financial space for her to finally launch a product she’s had in the works for some time. (And don’t ask me what that is…she’s not telling. But I’m guessing it will be awesome.) The banks have not been generous enough to lend money to keep both ventures afloat.

So here’s what you can expect from the sale: Every few days, certain items will be on sale, 50 percent off, but you have to go in to find out what they are. Today marks the first day. Once an item is 50 percent off, it will not be chosen for future days this month, so snap it up if you want it. (And no, this doesn’t work online.) The brick-and-mortar is set to close at the end of the month.

Stop in and say hello/goodbye and check out the sale. Thankfully for the faithful followers, Becky will still be online with her blog and Twitter, so we can continue to read her snappy remarks, witty retorts, and wise words from the beauty world. 

And while I’m sad to see her shop at 635 South Smith go, I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.  Here’s to you, sister!

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