Blooming Beauty

How to infuse the simplicity and colors of a summer garden into a glamorous ensemble

Who: Wendy Noreyko, 47

A client-described “garden fairy.” She designs and maintains perennial gardens for clients.

The Story: As a gardener, Wendy loves being in nature. But she doesn’t love fussing with makeup or fashion.
our stylist’s take: “I wanted to accent Wendy’s beautiful skin and eyes and add color to her wardrobe. I call this look Bohemian meets Madison Avenue.”

Our Stylist’s Process: “She loves the glamour of Marilyn Monroe and Anna Nicole Smith, so I knew I had to find the perfect dress and heels to pair with her blonde hair. I wanted to keep the hair simple, and keep the grooming routine fresh, clean, and easy, showing off her eyes and dewy skin.”

Wendy’s Take: “Everyone treated me like a queen! It was so fun to get back into fashion after leaving it in my 20s. I found out what makes me look good, especially the colors. I never would have picked turquoise, but Grant was right—it brought out my eyes. After the shoot, a guy stopped his car and did a double take in the parking lot!”


Where to get it

The Outfit: Tory Burch dress, $125; Miu Miu heels, $145, both from Fashion Avenue, 4936 France Ave. S., Edina, 952-929-7919. Jewelry provided by Ann Lembrecht, available at Grethen House, 4930 France Ave. S., Edina, 952-926-8725, or

The Grooming: Hair and makeup by The Metropolitan, 7300 France Ave. S., Suite 300, Edina, 952-288-2230,


Overalls and bandanas are Wendy’s work uniform—all function.


A trim and gloss glam up Wendy’s hair but the length still allows for ponytails.

The dress drapes perfectly on Wendy’s body—flattering and sexy, but not overly revealing. The color brings out her eyes.

Detailed shoes contrast nicely with a draped, simple dress.