Blown Away

Ever since I went ginger, I have been saying one thing regularly about taking care of my hair: Grandma was right.

Here’s why: My grandma goes once a week on Fridays to have her hair “set” at the salon—then she just spends her grooming time in the morning fluffing up the style until the next Friday. What a timesaver! Speaking from my color-treated hair experience, I’ll do anything to make the color stay truer, longer. Which means washing it a lot less. Which has made me really lazy about washing, drying, and “setting” my hair to look the way I want it to. Plus, let’s face it: The pros do it better.

Especially the pros that get education and training from a one Charlie Brackney, who owns Haus Salon in South Minneapolis. Charlie and his business partner, the darling Jessica Reipke, have long been cooking up this second business concept, and have been testing out techniques, product formulas, and business models—which has led to the Twin Cities’ first blowdry bar, aptly called Blowdry.

Yesterday I got a lovely little sneak peek: tour and blowout. The “bar” was designed by the same interior guru as Haus, Jonathan Gomez Whitney, but Blowdry is decidedly more feminine and warm than Haus. Gomez Whitney went as far as hand-designing and stenciling the gray-and-white damask wallpaper. The branding, likewise, feels lighter and more whimsical—it’s a hair girl’s happy place.

As far as services go, expect bar-side cappucinos and a lookbook to flip through to determine which type of blowout best fits your mood. Then, your stylist will get to work, first with a scalp massage and wash. (PS: I’m convinced the secret to world peace is everyone starting out the day with a professional-caliber scalp massage. Seriously.)  Then they set to creating your smooth, bouncy, big, or curly style with round brushes, velcro rollers, clips, and curling wands, as well as products from Lulu Organics and No. 4. There will be waxing and makeup services, too, for a full glam getup. I left with the boho look—long, full hair with curls that look natural, but most certainly aren’t. (“Pinterest hair,” Charlie teasingly called it. Perfection is what I call it.)

Charlie and Jessica have dotted all their i’s and crossed their t’s, too: The retail area is thoughtfully edited and full of the products they use on each style, including the dryers and the curling wands, plus other extras: silk hair ties and pillowcases, rain slickers, brushes and combs, dry shampoo, and my favorite: the clear bubble-style umbrella—perfect for protecting that ‘do in the rain.

Best of all: the blowout is only $35, no matter your hair length or texture, and package deals (either for you or with a friend) are also available. Waxing, updos, and makeup are all also very reasonably priced. Goodbye, bad hair days—hello shower caps, rain gear, and a glam addiction: amazing hair.

Book your appointments online for now! Opens tomorrow. 1203 Lagoon Ave., Mpls.