Blowout at Haus

Ever since I became a ginger a few months ago, I have had to take extra-special care of my hair. In recent years, I went from shampooing every day (Every day? How did I ever do that?) to shampooing every other day, and then less and less as I bleached (and fried) my hair.

Here’s the deal with red as I understand it: the color molecules are larger for red dyes, and thus, fall out of the hair’s cuticle more easily than other colors or bleaches. Hot water makes the cuticle open, which then makes it easier for the red dye to escape down the drain. So, with all this in mind: I’ve been washing my hair only once or maybe twice a week, with seriously cold water (ah, the sweet torture in pursuit of beauty!) and using dry shampoo in between.

And this all means: I have gotten supremely L-A-Z-Y when it comes to washing my hair. (And, actually, my hair has never looked healthier…I’ve been coloring my hair since the eighth grade.)

SO! I could not be more excited to find out that Haus Salon is launching what they’re calling the “in-HAUS blowdry bar.” Included is a muscle-melting scalp massage, shampoo, and, of course, the round-brush magic. I’ve never been able to master the round brush…and now I don’t have to, because their expert blowouts ring in at an affordable $30. Oh! And first-timers get a discount—$20!

Three stylists are offering the service: Jill, Julian, and Lindsay. I’ve had a few blowouts by Jill, who is charming and oh-so-Audrey-gamine. She leaves me with red-carpet worthy volume and shine every time. I have no doubts the other stylists can do the same.

Brilliant. I can only hope they’ll keep expanding that menu—if I were a betting woman, I’d put my chips on it.

You can call them at 612-827-4287 or book online.