Brides-to-Be: Make Over Your Mom!

Each month, stylist Grant Whittaker and I talk to women about their fashion challenges—maybe it’s that they’ve turned 40 and want to cultivate a new look. Maybe they’re pregnant and want a stylish night out, but can’t find the right outfit.  These everyday challenges are what really get our creative wheels turning. We turn those fashion challenges into our monthly Muse makeover page (see the latest one here) and some of you have asked how to get in on the action.

Here’s your chance! One of the biggest fashion challenges a woman faces is what to wear to her daughter’s wedding. It has to be age-appropriate, yet stylish; gorgeous, yet not ostentatious; and flattering, yet not clingy nor loosely draped. An informal, anecdotal poll tells me that the mothers have a harder time finding something to wear than their daughters—it’s time to change that.

So here’s the deal: Brides to be, we want to make over your mom. On August 19, we’ll style her up and give her the royal treatment for our October issue photo shoot (with you along for moral support), plus we’ll put you both up at the W hotel and send you to dinner at Manny’s to celebrate the new look that evening.

All you have to do is tell us why your mom deserves the makeover in 250 words or less!

Ready, set, go!

Editor’s Note: The entry period for this makeover has ended.