Brown Ink Paper Goods: The Write Stuff

Harkening back to handwriting

Wendy Brown and her husband, Nick, were both born to teachers in what they fondly refer to as the “pre-digital age.” Their shared love of handwritten correspondence led them to start Brown Ink, a blog where they could rhapsodize on everything from the art of cursive writing to what type of stationery to keep around in a pinch (something for birthdays, something congratulatory, and something with a supportive message).

Recently, the blog evolved into an e-commerce site, selling stationery that would inspire even the most keyboard-attached to sit down with a pen. Wendy has curated a collection of paper goods, writing utensils, and more from a worldwide network of independent designers as well as designed three lines of notecards on her own—this summer’s constellation-themed series shows off her classic letterpress aesthetic and suggests a bright future ahead.


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