Brows 101

I know I am probably not the most age-appropriate candidate to go under the knife for a little lift, so instead I trust my detail-oriented esthetician to trim, wax, tweeze, and tint my eyebrows. The result? I lose a couple pounds in my face and my eyes look twice as big. I consider this the most important facial service I receive! To prove it to you, I’m even including before-and-after shots:

I have my childhood hairdresser and family friend to thank for my now-addiction. At the awkward age of 11, she told me keep my eyes closed as she finished trimming my fringe: “This may tingle a bit, but just hold still!” Warm wax on, and (what felt like a billion) hairs off … just like that I was no longer a mini Frida Kahlo! Fast forward 15 years and according to my calculations, I just participated in my 221st eyebrow shaping. I acknowledge I’m a junkie, but I promise you, people notice eyebrows, or in many of my clients’ cases, lack thereof.

As a hair colorist and stylist, I talk eyebrows all day long. The service benefits both those who are follicularly blessed and those who don’t have nearly enough. Tinting saves time in your makeup routine and your eyebrows will compliment your hair color and eye color—plus, it makes wimpy or light brows appear fuller and thicker. Any hue can be tailor-made for you, so it never needs to look unnatural. At root salon, the service is complimentary with your color appointment. If you’re not on the hair color bandwagon, consult an esthetician. I recommend Rebecca and BB at root—they’re face experts! 

The brow gurus then analyze the eye shape, bone structure, and hair density to custom design the most flattering look. A special light and magnifying glass is even used to ensure perfect arches.

Next, unruly hairs are trimmed to help create a longer-lasting shape. Either hard or soft wax is applied— pros make the call on what kind of wax you’ll need—to remove the hair from beneath the skin’s surface. Minimal tweezing may be done to perfect the shape. Lastly—my favorite part—is the mini facial massage that is given with a calming moisturizer. Put down the brow pencil, it’s so 1990, retire the tweezers to “splinters only” status, and spoil yourself … for a mere $25!

Here’s my after photo—aaahhh, much better:

Rebecca and BB can be found at Root Salon’s St. Paul location, 499 Selby Ave. St. Paul, 651-222-0200


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