Building Blocks

Style-Architects will help you build your style foundation, brick by brick

Christina Holm-Sandok is the founder and creative director for Style-Architects, which she bills as “stylish services for the modern sophisticate.” Whether that’s helping a company with a branding campaign, updating a wardrobe, running errands, or coordinating a chic event, Christina & Co. are ready to help make style simple. Here are some of her pro tips.

You are your own brand. “The way you dress, entertain or give a gift is an expression of your style and your brand. Make your style cohesive, authentic, and true to your personality.”

Get clarity on your inspiration. “Pull 10 tear sheets of things you love—maybe it’s lifestyle, clothing, color, home décor—to get a true visual representation of where you want to go.”

Spend thoughtfully. “Trends aren’t for everyone. If you are going to invest, invest in classics, like white tailored blouses, blazers, a trench coat, a timeless handbag. Don’t get stuck with trends that fizzle or don’t work for you. Fashion is a guide, not a rule book, so never take it too seriously.”

Opposites attract. “Pair your attention-grabbing clothes with understated ones. A sequined silk jacket looks stunning paired with distressed skinny jeans and heels.”

Organize. “Donate items you haven’t worn in two years or don’t fit. Group like items (pants, tops) by color. This will save you time in the morning.”

Get empowered. “The right clothing or environment has the power to add confidence. If you look good, you feel good, and you act good. The fun part is how different elements, like color, draw out different parts of your personality. You might discover something about yourself.”

Stylish women are like swans. “We’re graceful on top, but underneath the surface, we’re paddling like crazy. But once your style is defined, and your ‘brand’ feels cohesive, your look becomes much more like that effortlessly cool Parisian woman we all seem to want to emulate.”

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