Bump is the New Black

In this case, fashion must follow function—but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring

Who: Sarah, 37, political and organizing consultant.

The Story: Sarah was approximately 26 weeks pregnant with a baby boy at the time of the shoot, and she wanted clothes that would strike the balance between sophisticated (for client work) and comfortable (for her and baby).

Our Stylist’s Take: “Sarah has a great shape—she’s all baby bump. Cynthia Nixon in Sex in the City immediately came to mind—I wanted to turn her into that downtown-chic power woman.”

The Inspiration: Sarah loves the looks of the 1960s, especially the stylings of the iconic Audrey Hepburn.   

Deconstructing Style: This was all about silhouette, comfort, and flattering lines. These fabrics stretch and breathe, but still look professional. The neutral navy top minimizes the print without taking the fun out of the outfit—the jewelry and accessories pull the ensemble together.  

The Take-away:  “I was inspired by the makeover to move beyond maternity wear staples of yoga pants and tunics and discover the power of color. You can feel pretty when you’re pregnant, and it doesn’t have to be a huge amount of work!”

Sarah Hassell

Where to Get it

Michael Kors necklace, $90 @ Fashion Avenue, 4936 France Ave. S., Edina, 952-929-7919, fashionavenueresale.com. Twelve Oaks maternity dress, $30 @ Nine consignment, 1014 Mainstreet, Hopkins, 952-935-2944, nineconsign.com. Michael by Michael Kors shirt, $30 @ Marshalls, several metro locations, including Har Mar Mall, 2100 Snelling Ave. N., Roseville, 651-636-6688, marshallsonline.com. Liz Claiborne shoes, $20 @ Marshalls.


“I don’t want to be the pregnant woman who wears yoga pants all the time,” Sarah told us.  


An edgy trim and purple shadow make Sarah’s eyes stand out. (She looks like Mia Farrow, no?)

A sundress is elevated with a ruched sleeveless blouse. The belt helps keep a sense of proportion.

Sarah will stay cool in a flowy skirt. The bright floral print keeps her on trend.

 See behind-the-scenes at MNMO.com/Sarah


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