Buried Treasure

Highlights from the Minnesota Museum of American Art

Some of the most beautiful art in the state doesn’t have a home. Since the Minnesota Museum of American Art closed its gallery in 2008, its collection of fine 19th and 20th century paintings, drawings, and sculpture have largely resided in a suburban warehouse. This fall, some of the most impressive artworks began to tour the state. Here’s a look at 10 of them.

Grant Wood’s Iowa Landscape—
“The Crik”
from 1934
Paul Manship’s Indian Hunter
and his Dog
from 1926
Frances Cranmer Greenman’s
Dewey Albinson from 1922
Louise Nevelson’s Untitled (Abstraction)
from around 1952
Cameron Booth’s The Tillers from 1924 Thomas Hart Benton’s Shocking Corn from 1945
Robert Henri’s Modiste of Madrid from 1906 Charles Burchfield’s Empty Barn
and Sheds
from 1917
Romare Bearden’s Madonna and Child
from the late 1960s
Joseph Meeker’s Sunset and Moonrise
at Maiden’s Rock
from 1873


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