Cardamom Collective Fair-Trade Accessories and Global Style

Kelly Moe-Rossetto was inspired by her travels to collect artisan-made items from around the world for her new store, Cardamom Collective
Cardamom Collective
Cardamom Collective founders Kelly Moe-Rossetto and Gina Czupka in their original scarf designs. Photo COURTESY of CARDAMOM COLLECTIVE

After returning home to Minnesota following a revelatory trip to India last year, Kelly Moe-Rossetto was inspired to start her own textile line, Cardamom Collective. In partnership with local travel writer Gina Czupka, Moe-Rossetto, who manages global gift store Khazana, has worked with printers in India to design a line of colorful, patterned scarves using natural dyes and centuries-old hand-blocking and handloom-weaving processes.

True to its name, the line also encompasses a selection of artisan-made items collected from around the world. They include an exclusive line of silver talisman pendants as well as a line of ikat scarves, shawls, and napkins handwoven at a women’s co-op in India, plus organic teas, small-batch incense, bags, salves, watercolor travel tins, and other global treasures. •