Cat Video Festival Primer

All the paws, purrs, and pranks you need to get prepped for the feline film fest at CHS Field Aug. 8

A cat laying on the ground and staring at the camera.

photo by lebedevaelena

When I think of the internet as a whole, I think it can be divided into four distinct areas: buying things you don’t need, seeing who’s gained weight since high school, something my boss won’t let me talk about, and cat videos. For those who are fans of the latter, you’re in luck as CHS Field is once again home to the Cat Video Festival on Aug. 8. Join over 10,000 cat lovers for a night of live music, an inflatable kids zone, an artists alley, fireworks, and of course, lots of cat videos. For those who aren’t fans of felines, why did you even click this link? That’s 10 seconds of your life you’ll never get back. And as someone who’s spent way too much time perusing the profiles of former classmates on social media, trust me, it adds up.

But back to why we’re all here: cats. In honor of the Cat Video Festival, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite cat videos of all time (in no particular order) to help you prep before the big show. Think of it as your pre-game before going out for a night on the town.

Thug Life

Cats have long been known for doing whatever they want, whenever they want, regardless of what you think, and this is the perfect proof.

Stalking Cat

I can’t tell if this cat is trying to stealth attack the person behind the camera, or if it is just the best Red Light, Green Light player I’ve ever seen.

Excuse Me

Finally, the real star of the show has arrived.

Surprised Kitten

Quite possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Keyboard Cat

It just wouldn’t be right to not include the greatest musician of our time. RIP Fatso, you’re truly missed, buddy.

Now that you’ve whet your appetite, gather all of your purrfect friends and check out the Cat Video Festival Aug. 8 at CHS Field. And in case you’re still not sold, here’s a recap of last year’s show:

Cat Video Fest 2017 Recap from Hubbard Interactive on Vimeo.