Cloth at Minneapolis' Southern Theater

Exploring the role clothes play around the world

Aamera Siddiqui posing while looking up and wearing colorful clothes.

photo by Galen Higgins


Performer Aamera Siddiqui has had to “code switch”—tap into and out of various cultural parlances—a lot over the years, living in Tanzania, Zambia, India, North Yemen, and Minnesota. Her show at Minneapolis’ Southern Theater explores the roles her clothes have played—including what she was wearing when she stepped off the plane into the U.S. as a kid; what she was wearing when someone first yelled at her to go back to her home country; what she was wearing when she took her U.S. citizenship test (spoiler alert: soccer mom apparel with pearls); and what she was wearing when Trump’s first travel ban went into effect. Inspired by France banning burqas the same week a U.S. school penalized a female student for wearing short shorts, the show asks: What do you do when your clothes become political?