Customizable Valentine's Day Gifts

Show your Valentine they’re the only one for you with a custom gift.

Oh, Valentine’s Day gifts—what to get, what to get?

My husband and I have been together 16 years now, and I love him even more now than I did when we got married. In my young honeymoon eyes, I never thought that could be possible. Like all relationships, we’ve gone through growth spurts, learning curves, and sweet spots…And every day, no matter how terrible or wonderful, is still a treasure that I do not take for granted.

This brought me down the path of the customizable gift for Valentine’s Day. I wanted to find a stylish little token of my love that was just for him. Inspired by my search for my husband’s gift, I’ve pulled together some unique and special ideas to get you excited and your own wheels turning. Because what is true style if not something unique and special to you…or the two of you?

Have fun with these ideas and thinking of your special someone!  xoxo

1. So a golfer stole your heart? This placemarker will win his.
2. For something sassier, personalize something a little more comfortable
3. For the chocolate lover, splurge on a special sweet.
4.  This latitude-longitude cuff really dials it in.
5. An engravable necklace is on trend and goes straight to the heart.
6. A custom view-finder reel is the perfect way to capture a favorite day or trip.
7. Reminisce about where it all began with a custom map.
8. Turn your words of love into one-of-a-kind vocal art.
9. Send a tiny package for the sweetest of surprises.