Cyber Monday Sales

Local designers Laura Nelli (Nelle Handbags) and Luci Kandler (formerly of Calpurnia Peach, now of Ogge) have just put out a fun holiday collaboration—and you can get in on a deal today with Cyber Monday! The collection is a limited-edition holiday run of screenprinted clutches and skirts inspired by the art and style of Frieda Kahlo. One of the most popular questions I field is what to wear to a party. Ladies, this is it. Everything is priced from $150-$190, except for today. Today, you get 20 percent off and free shipping! Believe me when I say that that’s a deal on locally made, locally designed items. They’ll be pieces that a) you treasure forever and b) everyone will notice because they’re so unique.

Additionally, this is the only sale Nelli has on her entire collection, so take advantage if you have been ogling her wares (and I know you have). You can find the collection here and here. And if you don’t get to the sale today, don’t worry–although you won’t scoop up the discount, you can still get items at Nelli’s new, gorgeous shop-within-a-shop at l’atelier couture (she’s having a month-long cash-and-carry event there, too, with lots of fun one-offs and favorites). Items will also be available on the St. Paul side at Details Style Lab.

Two other little tidbits:

Elizabeth Dehn is offering a free face spray with each order of shea cream or serum on her site.

Lastly, you can always use the shop local tool on Etsy to see which artists are offering deals near you. And if they aren’t already offering free shipping today, they will often arrange for you pick up your order at their home or studio to skip shipping charges!

And remember: when you shop local this season, you’re not only making the gift recipient happy—shop owners and artists will have a brighter holiday too!