Dark & Stormy's “The Hothouse” Adds Extra Dates

The harrowing and intense “The Hothouse” by Dark & Stormy is a one-of-a-kind ride.

The intense and often-harrowing take on Harold Pinter’s The Hothouse, by Dark & Stormy Productions, has proven such a success in its site-specific locale that three additional dates have been added. The show is now running though January 10, and its dark, atmospheric charms lend it a unique feel for the holidays (it takes place on a Christmas day, of all things, but there’s little threat that it will leave you feeling overly warm and fuzzy).

I reviewed the show last week; if anything, it’s grown more distinct in my memory. The old literary studies undergrad in me is still trying to sort through some of its odd religious undertones, and the part of me that is always drawn to Pinter’s spiky edge is recalling this as one of my favorite local takes on his work. Tickets are available through Dark & Stormy or through calling 612.401.4506.