Dear Minnesota Lynx

An open letter to the best sports team in Minnesota on the eve of their 20th season

Photo by NBAE/Getty Images

Dear Minnesota Lynx,

Welcome back! We’re so happy you’re here. After enduring nearly 80-inches of misery-inducing snow, we’re excited to have some winning in our life. If it weren’t for you, the state of Minnesota would be known as the the land of 10,000 losses and Lake Superior-sized burnouts.

We’ve even had a good laugh this week when the league predicted the LA Sparks would win the championship this fall. We imagined that you were probably laughing, too. Perhaps you were somewhere in the Target Center, maybe among your four championship trophies, six conference titles, and dozens of All Star nods.

Basically, what we’re trying to say is that we really missed watching your games. We missed the jokes and hilarious sparring on Twitter. We missed the way Maya Moore drains threes and Lindsay Whalen tosses behind-the-back passes. We know it doesn’t really say anything about us, but, yet again, it sorta does. Or, if nothing else, you always say that the fans are part of the reason why you’re so dominant. With each win, you become even more gracious to your fans, if such a thing is even possible.

This might sound crazy, but when you win, it feels as if all of Minnesota wins as well. Each Lynx win feels like a win for our state. You correct the media in interviews (hey, ESPN and The Ringer, they’ve won four titles, not three), clap back on critics, and encourage media types to cover women in sports. We admire how, even in the off-season, the team seems to embrace every aspect of Minnesota from hanging out with the Twins on their opening day to working with some of the most important foundations in our state.

Many of you do great things outside the state as well. This past winter, we loved seeing Maya Moore walk down the red carpet en route to winning Sports Illustrated’s Performer of the Year award. Coach Reeves’ also encourages the media to do better when covering women in sports (we can start by spelling Seimone Augustus’ name correctly).

Let’s all be greatful to the Minnesota Lynx, who have been doing a very good job at building the best sports dynasty in Minnesota. We can’t wait for Sunday.  


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