Do The Twist

Watch out world, my latest obsession has hit. The twist is taking over! This past weekend I was granted full creative freedom to sculpt a sleek but voluminous look for my client’s big event. We chatted and consulted in weeks prior. Her face shape is a rounded oval, so we decided she needed slight width built throughout the sides of her head. I recommended maximum lift in the crown and back to balance the curvature of her sweetheart style strapless gown. She was planning to don classy pewter pearls, but other than that, her hair was expected to be the “it” accessory. Her only request was a style sans curls and I gladly accepted the order!

Some of my inspiration came from looks on the carpet, the runway, and the way we tweens of the ’90s used to wear our own hair!

Gwen Stefani  Kelly Osborne

Kate Bosworth french twist

A classic look, the french twist, has been modified a million ways and I was ready to add my addition to the gamut. Here’s the final look we created:

Obviously suitability is a massive factor in the creation process of a hairstyle. But what I love to do most as an artist is to collect multiple elements of my client’s desired look and view of how they portray themselves. I then imagine them in a shape, color, and form that compliments and even sometimes contrasts their personality, image, and attitude perfectly. Twist it all together with lots of hair spray, bobby pins and passion … and voila! Instant confidence. See, the french twist isn’t the most classic and popular updo of all time for no reason: It pulls a woman together, she feels beautiful, sexy, and like she can conquer the world!

Twist it any direction you like, it works every time.