Dog Days of Summer

I’m not going to lie. I just spent the last hour writing a rather witty synopsis of my hot-and-humid summer beauty finds (I’m not talking about pressed-powder and blotting sheets; I mean the heavy artillery). Since my blogging service provider seems to have consumed the entry whole, leaving no trace but the screams in my head, you will have to take my word, albeit brief, for these winners.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
If your make-up slides off 2.3 minutes after leaving the house like mine, this silky mattifier will help keep it place. Don’t worry: there’s nothing mask-like about it. Try the travel-size if you’re skeptical.

Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion

When our contributing editor, Kate, asked me for something that would leave her hair chic yet low-maintenance (read: dirty) while at the beach or cabin, this was my answer. The powder turns to lotion, which soaks up oil and adds volume. I use it on my days off from shampooing. It’s no-fuss and no-mess. Very casual Friday.

Bumble + Bumble Hair Powder
To be fair, we had to compare. This is a far cry from baby power. For starters, it comes in hair color shades, which seemed smart until they were on our foreheads, fingers, and pillowcases. I sprayed the white liquid (though I am brunette) at my roots and waited a few minutes for it to dry. I can see why this is a stylist’s secret weapon for updo’s. It added texture and stick that maintained my blow-out one day, and gave me a sleek, high ponytail the next.

What did I miss? It may be cloudy today but the heat will rise again and I want to be armed with your secrets. Just please don’t tell me to run my wrists under cold water.