Don't Miss: Total Transformation

I have been waiting excitedly for our February issue to hit newsstands, so that I could share with you the amazing transformation we did this month for our Makeover page.

The best part about our makeovers is that they don’t involve drastic measures—no “Bridalplasty” here. We believe in just checking in, touching up, and reassessing wardrobe needs and wants. After all, when your age changes, your lifestyle changes, or you look in the mirror and no longer see “yourself”—it’s time to find something new. And that’s exciting and empowering. Grant Whittaker, our stylist on this project, has ESP for what works on each of our subjects.

This month, Susanne was ready for a drastic haircut. She’d grown out her long auburn tresses to donate, and was really loving Michelle Williams’ hairdo. So off came the length at Root Salon, and then in came Grant with some great classic American looks (á la Jennifer Aniston) from Macy’s that highlighted Susanne’s trim, toned body type.

Pictured is the second evening look Grant chose for Susanne. Does she not look a little like Sharon Stone-inspired? That’s what we thought. No tricks: Just a little makeup, the right cut, and a fabulous dress can make a world of difference. 

Wanna know how Grant worked the magic? See our behind-the-scenes video here.