dpHUE Color Kits

Hair-dye line grows its roots


It used to be there were only two hair-color options: risk an orange-tinted dye job by way of a cheap drugstore color kit or splurge on a salon treatment. Donna Pohlad (the entrepreneurial wife of Twins CEO Jim Pohlad) offered a middle ground when she opened dpHUE in Maple Grove three years ago. Clients would come to the shop for a custom hair-color consultation and leave with a specially tailored dye formula to ensure salon-quality results at home. Now located at 50th & France, the shop also offers in-house color services.

This summer, dpHUE launched three new kits, each catering to a hard-to-manage color issue. The Clear Shine Kit can be used along with one of dpHUE’s regular color kits to add luster and prevent dye from oversaturating ends. The Root Touch-Up Kit stretches the time between full color sessions. And the Men’s Kit manages grays for guys who aren’t yet ready to go the silver-fox route.