Elegant and Irreverent

Oh, that Anne M. Cramer. She’s at it again, doing what she does best: designing elegant, fun clothing. Her fall/winter collection is launching tomorrow, and I’ve got a couple of sneak peeks for you.

I have Anne’s iconic Flynn skirt, and I get stopped almost every time I wear it—passersby love its bold, graphic look and exaggeratedly feminine bell shape. I do, too. It’s fun to wear. It puts a little spring in my step. (And it’s been surprisingly forgiving as my belly makes room for baby).

That’s actually the reason that this new collection caught my eye. It’s a little bit of a departure (or maybe an evolution?) from her other styles, I feel, because it really embraces the swingin’ ’60s—my absolute favorite fashion era. A little less structure, a lot of attitude. And I could still wear her “circle dress” (I’d call it “Showstopper dress” if it were my decision) a few months down the road. I spotted it, in lipstick pink, on Facebook somewhere, and had the same reaction I had to the Flynn so many moons ago: an audible gasp, with some fashion hand-flapping. At my desk. Alone. Yep.

I love the skirt at upper right, too. It’s almost a take on the stripes…but with texture. Smart and fun. And then there’s this lovely ivory top, which is unstructured, and yet somehow still very flattering. But it’s the dress that steals my heart. (I also love the styling that goes with the shoot, the deep smoky Adele eyes…so Carnaby Street.)

I can’t wait to see what else will be revealed tonight on Anne’s website. Brava!